De geschiedenis van de Amsterdamse scheepsbouw en werkende motoren op unieke locatie in het centrum van Amsterdam!
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Historical photos and documents

Video material

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The museum has an extensive archive, consisting of various collections, all of which have great historical value. Our volunteers are currently working on digitizing and further archiving. The collections provide a picture of the history and heritage of industrialization in Amsterdam. Ultimately, this information will be unlocked. If you have any questions about the archive or if you have material that could be interesting to include in the archive, please contact us.












Currently the archive consists of:

  • Over 60,000 technical drawings on calques of, among others, Kromhout engines, tools and parts.
  • A collection of more than 600 books, including textbooks, reference works, books about engine techniques, the Kromhout factory and people, manuals and information about parts of the various engine types.
  • An overview of printed materials; colorful leaflets, brochures, posters and magazines, intended for sale and to provide an overview and specifications of different engine types. Museum objects including miniatures, art, engine parts and tools.
  • An extensive film, video and photo library of historical material and of the current museum.
  • A complete business administration: including correspondence, business administration, reports and curious logs.

And of course you can see the unique collection of Kromhout engines, almost all of them are in working condition! Every third Sunday of the month we start the engines!