Museum ’t Kromhout is a ship-engine museum where you can see engines in working condition.
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The collection


Kromhout built an amazing number of different types of engine, nearly all of which are on display in our museum. Besides the famous hot-bulb engines, you will see the first four-stroke petrol engine and the two-stroke crude oil engine, up to the later big F240 engines.

Besides marine engines, the company developed its own special models or built them under licence, such as a  “Ramjet” for the Kolibrie helicopter and even a tiny little engine mounted on the front axle of a bike.

The engine collection includes:

  • 4-stroke Petrol
  • 2-stroke RO1, M00 to M3
  • 2-stroke Diesel: K1, 2K1, K2, 2KS2, 2K3 and 2H3
  • 4-stroke Diesel: 8TS117, 4GS, 3F240, 12TV117, 4LWL, 4LW, 6LW, 6LWS, 3GS and Y research engine

Special engines:


  • A-190, two-stroke with uniflow scavenging.
  • A ‘flat’ engine from the Kromhout car period, which is built into the chassis of a lorry.
  • Ramjet engine from the Kolibrie helicopter.
  • An aeroplane radial engine Genet Major for the Fokker S9 training aircraft from 1939.
  • The Wingwheel moped.